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We’re making a list, checking it twice…and sharing it with you before Santa finishes loading his sleigh in the next couple of weeks! We’ve rounded up some goodies we picked from #HPMKT (several have even sold before being put out on the floor!) and can’t hold back our list of must-haves that are oh-so-chic and Market inspired. Find one of these under the tree this season, and you’ll enjoy on-trend refreshers for your home. 

1.     Magnolia Garland

Gorgeous greenery adds warmth and texture to a room, a most important layer in design. We love the choice of magnolia garland as the magnolia is Mississippi’s state flower. As an indigenous plant, this garland can be enjoyed without looking contrived during any season where we live.  Why are these great? Well, we’ve discovered a new vendor, and walking into their space it was hard to believe the greenery was faux. Looks real? Check. Won’t die? Check. A beautiful accessory to have on hand for any time? Double check!

2.     Fiddle Leaf Fig

These were EVERYWHERE. And I mean EVERYwhere. Seriously, one couldn’t go in a showroom without spotting at least one tree; more often than not there were many. Fiddle leaf figs can be daunting for black-thumbed plant admirers, and a show-stopping faux version like this is the perfect solution! No root ball trimming, fertilizing during some seasons but not others, watering just-so…with this one you can just enjoy the thing, put it wherever you want (Perfect lighting? Not necessary!), and know that you’ll be enjoying it however long from now you want to be. And nobody will know it’s faux but you. That’s my kind of plant!

 3.     Christopher Radko ornament

I just adore these ornaments. Always have, always will. They make a wonderful gift, especially if you have someone whom you need to give something to build on or collect.

My mother began collecting them for my sisters and me when we were young girls and we’re passing that tradition on to my children. What I’ve ended up with is a most incredible Christmas tree with a mix of exceptionally beautiful blown-glass ornaments, each with a story and a special year (a puppy when I got my dog, a church the year my husband and I married, a collection of angels and various Santa’s) mixed with hand-made ornaments from my own childhood, my husband’s and now ones our children make or are given. Decorating the tree was when I was young and is today one of my favorite holiday traditions, mostly for the story-telling and memories that accompany each ornament.

 4.     I LOVE LAMP!

Not the leg lamp from from “A Christmas Story” but a beautiful lamp freshly picked from the Kelly Wearstler collection from Visual Comfort or another fabulous vendor. Yes, yes, yes!! When talking to Cam (she’s the magician who keeps Batte Furniture looking so incredible) while at Highpoint, she mentioned that great lighting is one of the best choices for splurging on high-quality pieces. Lighting is key to any room and the right fixture or lamp absolutely makes the space — just as the wrong one can break it. Here are a couple of my favorites that would upstyle your room as soon as it’s plugged in and switched on.

 5.     Blue and white accessories

Also a style you couldn’t run from if you tried! Fortunately, the look is elegant and classic even in a modern take (LARGE FORMAT ART). I hate to even call this a trend – it is timely, but it is not a flash-in-the pan addition you’ll be over in 6 months. We’ll talk about different ways to incorporate this style into your home in the coming weeks. For now, consider vases, a painting, tchotchkes, or tray for gathering a collection. All good choices!

6.     BLACK 

My personal style favorite. You can’t go wrong with a splash of black in a room. A leather chair, a piece of modern art, OR PAINT THE WHOLE THING!!! YESSSSS!!!

 7.     A new mattress

Joint gift perhaps? I am not even kidding when I say this, any night I wake in the middle of the night (young children, people, it’s always something!) I climb back in bed and literally say a prayer of gratefulness for my Scandinavian mattress. You know how some people travel with their own pillows? Well, if I could pack up my mattress and go, I totally would. Worth. Every. Penny. Not to mention, you’re spending half your life there. Might as well get one you love! Sidenote: My daughter and I recently spent a week with the flu and most of our time was passed on that bed. As miserable as we felt, it wasn’t because of a bad mattress!

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