Avery Buffington & Matt Truitt 11/22/14

November 2014

Registry Information

Buffington, Avery
Truitt, Matt
Family of the Bride: Phil & Sarah Buffington
Family of the Groom: Randy & Jana Truitt
Haviland Collette gold dinner, salad, bread & butter, cup & saucer. Fortuny aqua/green dessert plate, L'Objet Agean Gold mug. Annie Glass gold ruffled charger. Waterford Lismore Essence water, wine, ice beverage, flute. Lismore DOF & HiBall.
Allison Evans mint charcoal dinner, salad, cereal.
Vietri Lastra white, grey, aqua & safari dinner, salad, cereal, mug. Vietri alabaster bowls. Simon Pearce Woodbury water,wine, ice beverage.
White hemstitch linens.
Annie Glass gold. Simon Pearce. Casa Fina bakeware. Copper. Antique silver. Rablab coasters.
For assistance with your purchase for this bride and groom, call 601-366-8120 or 1-800-366-8120

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