Katie Puckett & Marcus Ginn 05/16/15

May 2015

Registry Information

Puckett, Katie
Ginn, Marcus
Family of the Bride: Richard & Mary Puckett
Family of the Groom: Regina Ginn
Formal China: Anna Weatherley "Simply Elegant"(white)- dinner, soup bowl Anna Weatherley "Anna's Palette" sky blue- salad, cup/saucer
Crystal: Simon Pearce "Woodstock"- red wine, white wine, tumbler
Casafina "Arabesque" white- dinner, salad, mug, cereal bowl, serving pieces
White hemstitched placemats, monogrammed napkins, guest towels, especially the Teresa Alecrim monogrammed towels.
Annieglass Gold "Roman Antique" buffet plates and serving pieces in both "Roman Antique" and "Ruffle", especially the "Ruffle" cakestand; 9 oz mint juleps; Holly Stuart Dot Fan Latte round placemats; Juliska napkins in metallic gold/white; Simon Pearce; Copper, especially the ruffle planters.
For assistance with your purchase for this bride and groom, call 601-366-8120 or 1-800-366-8120

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