Molly Carpenter & Allen Tate 09/05/15

September 2015

Registry Information

Carpenter, Molly
Tate, Allen
Family of the Bride: Rick & Sue Ellen Carpenter
Family of the Groom: Sue Allen & Granville Tate, Jr.
China: Simon Pearce "Belmont Ivory"- dinner, salad, bread/butter, cup/saucer Simon Pearce "Woodbury Moss"- cereal bowl, platter Crystal: Simon Pearce "Woodbury"- tumbler Simon Pearce "Woodstock"- balloon wine Simon Pearce "Hartland"- white wine
White linens; Linen Way Versailles coral and gold napkins
Simon Pearce, prefers plain "Woodbury" pitcher and bowls and "Barre" pitcher and bowls; Simon Pearce "Chelsea Optic" DOFs; 12 oz mint juleps; Calaisio, especially bakers and trays; David Miller "Paris" by Simon Pearce; Riedel stemless; Simon Pearce "Pomfret" candlesticks, "Hartland" candlesticks, medium and small; "Chelsea" low bowl; "Revere" hurricane; "Ascutney" pilsners; Calaisio oval mats and napkin rings; Capiz placemats
For assistance with your purchase for this bride and groom, call 601-366-8120 or 1-800-366-8120

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