Tracie Haag & Daniel Johnston 02/07/15

February 2015

Registry Information

Haag, Tracie
Johnston, Daniel
Family of the Bride: Bill & Nancy Haag
Family of the Groom: Carey & Nina Johnston
Haviland Orsay Gold dinner. Herend Silk Ribbon Fern Green dessert, Golden edge mocha cup & saucer. Arte Italica Vetro Gold demitasse cup & saucer. Waterford Lismore ice beverage.
Casa Fina Forum white dinner, salad, cereal, pasta bowl, mug.
White hemstitch linens.
Annie Glass gold. Simon Pearce. Grainware swivel top ice becket. William Yeoward Country.
For assistance with your purchase for this bride and groom, call 601-366-8120 or 1-800-366-8120

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