Elizabeth Lanoux & Ryan Van Deburgh 05/21/16

May 2016

Registry Information

Lanoux, Elizbeth
Van Deburgh, Ryan
Family of the Bride: Louis & Mary Lanoux
Family of the Groom: Floyd & Sharon Van Deburgh
Formal China: Herend "Gwendolyn"- service plate, salad, bread/butter, cup/saucer Annieglass Gold "Ruffle"- charger Anna Weatherley "Powder Blue"- salad, mug
Plain white hemstitched placemats, napkins, guest towels, cocktail napkins
Annieglass Gold "Ruffle" and "Roman Antique" / Reidel stems and stemless / William Yeoward Country pitcher and decanter/ Holly Stuart dot fan round placemats and coasters in saxon green /12 oz mint juleps
For assistance with your purchase for this bride and groom, call 601-366-8120 or 1-800-366-8120

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