LeeAnn Rudman & Nicholas Dennery 07/16/16

July 2016

Registry Information

Rudman, LeeAnn
Dennery, Nicholas
Family of the Bride: Bill & Louise Rudman
Family of the Groom: John & Laura Dennery
Formal China: Royal Crown Derby "Carlton Gold"- dinner, cup/saucer, bread/butter Royal Crown Derby "Darley Abbey"- salad Formal Crystal: Waterford "Kelsey"- water, wine, iced beverage, flute Sterling Flatware: Reed & Barton "Francis I"- place size
Casual Dinnerware: CasaFina "Meridian Decorated White"- dinner, salad, mug, cereal bowl
Annieglass Gold "Roman Antique" and "Ruffle".
For assistance with your purchase for this bride and groom, call 601-366-8120 or 1-800-366-8120

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