Bridal Registry

China, Crystal, Silver and Fine Gifts

Engaged? Something old or something new, but never the "same old," Batte is the blissful gift solution for newlyweds. Why settle for the generic place setting when friends and family can help you create your own uniquely perfect home setting for your married life ahead? Batte's Bridal Registry works like a traditional registry, but thanks to our wide selection of furnishings and accessories, and with the added bonus of our designer services, couples who register are sure to make the kind of savvy choices that will appreciate — and that they'll appreciate — through many anniversaries to come.

Andrea Brooks & Ben West 04/28/18

Brooks, Andrea
West, Ben
Family of the Bride: Andy Bill and Jeanine Brooks
Family of the Groom: Keith and Margaret West

Ashley Davis & Andrew Kennedy 04/14/18

Davis, Ashley
Kennedy, Andrew
Family of the Bride: James Carlas Davis and Hollie Davis
Family of the Groom: Marian and John Kennedy

Kirsten Tackett & Austin Golding 04/14/18

Tackett, Kirsten
Golding, Austin
Family of the Bride: Paula and Alex Baylot
Family of the Groom: Melody and steve Golding

Olivia Wells & Alex Kovalic 04/21/18

Wells, Olivia
Kovalic, Alex
Family of the Bride: Katherine and Ralph Wells
Family of the Groom: Pam and Jeff Kovalic

Bentley Harvey & Reid Harrison 04/07/18

Harvey, Bentley
Harrison, Reid
Family of the Bride: Nan Merrell / Thomas Harvey
Family of the Groom: Darla and Scott Harrison

Sarah Neal Secrest & Nate Horne 04/28/18

Secrest, Sarah Neal
Horne, Nate
Family of the Bride: Mary Kelly Farrish / Charles Secrest
Family of the Groom: Tracey Horne

Susan Denney & Bradford Washam 04/28/18

Denney, Susan
Washam, Bradford
Family of the Bride: Sam and George Anne Denney
Family of the Groom: Michael Washam / Frances Bullard

Gentry Somerville & Matthew McMullan 04/28/18

Somerville, Gentry
McMullan, Matthew
Family of the Bride: Jim and Dawn Somerville
Family of the Groom: Mike and Missy McMullan

Missy Russell & Troy Ellis 04/14/18

Russell, Missy
Ellis, Troy
Family of the Bride: David and Cathey Russell
Family of the Groom: Robert and Debra Ellis

Caroline Brown & Nico Forlenza 04/22/18

Brown, Caroline
Forlenza, Nico
Family of the Bride: Trip and Barrett Brown
Family of the Groom: David and Julie Forlenza

Lauren Smith & Stephen Ingram 04/21/18

Smith, Lauren
Ingram, Stephen
Family of the Bride: Bill and Connie Smith
Family of the Groom: Hessie Ingram

Emily McIntosh & David Traxler 04/07/18

McIntosh, Emily
Traxler, David
Family of the Bride: Angela Toole / Joseph McIntosh
Family of the Groom: Dana and David Traxler

Jessica Bailey & Carlton Wall 04/28/18

Bailey, Jessica
Wall, Carlton
Family of the Bride: Jack and Dana Bailey
Family of the Groom: Randall and Carla Wall

Courteney Evans & Everett Gooch 04/07/18

Evans, Courteney
Gooch, Everett
Family of the Bride: Gail Evans
Family of the Groom: Sherrille and Russ Gooch