Bridal Registry

China, Crystal, Silver and Fine Gifts

Engaged? Something old or something new, but never the "same old," Batte is the blissful gift solution for newlyweds. Why settle for the generic place setting when friends and family can help you create your own uniquely perfect home setting for your married life ahead? Batte's Bridal Registry works like a traditional registry, but thanks to our wide selection of furnishings and accessories, and with the added bonus of our designer services, couples who register are sure to make the kind of savvy choices that will appreciate — and that they'll appreciate — through many anniversaries to come.

Abbey Adcock & Bill Reeves 06/03/17

Adcock, Abbey
Reeves, Bill
Family of the Bride: Paul and Alecia Adcock
Family of the Groom: Gene and Pam Reeves

Britt Buchanan & Byron Burkhalter 06/03/17

Buchanan, Britt
Burkhalter, Byron
Family of the Bride: Holly & Brooks Buchanan
Family of the Groom: Kathy & Henry Burkhalter

Betsy Baird & Seth Gardner 06/24/17

Baird, Betsy
Gardner, Seth
Family of the Bride: Rhonda & John Mark Baird
Family of the Groom: Jameye & Ron Gardner

Olivia Hines & Leon Walthall 06/25/17

Hines, Olivia
Walthall, Leon
Family of the Bride: Kirk and Evie Hines
Family of the Groom: Jim and Pam Russell / Leon and Beth Walthall

Michelle Morris & Sam Arnett 06/03/17

Morris, Michelle
Arnett, Sam
Family of the Bride: Judy Morris
Family of the Groom: Ann Arnett

Jennifer Reid & Chad Rawson 06/17/17

Reid, Jennifer
Rawson, Chad
Family of the Bride: Kirk & Mitcie Reid
Family of the Groom: Glynn & Mary Rawson

Kristen Rhodes & Trevor Williams 06/24/17

Rhodes, Kristen
Williams, Trevor
Family of the Bride: George and Melissa Rhodes
Family of the Groom: Bill and Kristi Williams / Jennifer Horner

Hana Ali & John Lucas 06/10/17

Ali, Hana
Lucas, John
Family of the Bride: Abdelhakeem & Ingrid Ali
Family of the Groom: Perry & Beth Lucas

Jamey Sharman & Scott Gresham 06/24/17

Sharman, Jamey
Gresham, Scott
Family of the Bride: Gina & Randy Sharman
Family of the Groom: Julie & Ken Gresham

Sarah Rotolo & Trace Neaville 06/10/17

Rotolo, Sarah Beth
Neaville, Trace
Family of the Bride: Lisa & David Rotolo
Family of the Groom: Susan & Keith Neaville

Sarah Parkinson & Lee Morrison 06/03/17

Parkinson, Sarah Rose
Morrison, Lee
Family of the Bride: Dian & Anthony Parkinson
Family of the Groom: Frances & Cooper Morrison

Ann Pentecost & Ryan Selman 06/24/17

Pentecost, Ann Turner
Selman, Ryan
Family of the Bride: Vicki and Ben Pentecost
Family of the Groom: Valerie and Johnny Selman

Christine Hayden & Arthur Davis 06/02/17

Hayden, Christine
Davis, Arthur
Family of the Bride: Gavin and Marianthi Hayden
Family of the Groom: Arthur and Janie Davis

Brittany Galloway & Bert Wooley 06/03/17

Galloway, Brittany
Wooley, Bert
Family of the Bride: Leigh Galloway, Mark Galloway
Family of the Groom: Donna & Hubert Worley

Kaylan Carter & Sterling McCool 06/03/17

Carter, Kaylan
McCool, Sterling
Family of the Bride: Stephanie and Benjamin Bowman
Family of the Groom: Cynthia and Randy Knouse

Leigh Bondurant & Jay Jensen 06/10/17

Bondurant, Leigh Lorraine
Jensen, Jay
Family of the Bride: Si and Melissa Bondurant
Family of the Groom: George Jensen

Sarah Randall & Trey Donahoe 06/03/17

Randall, Sarah Nan
Donahoe, Trey
Family of the Bride: Randy and Nan Randall
Family of the Groom: Eddie and Jana Donahoe