Bridal Registry

China, Crystal, Silver and Fine Gifts

Engaged? Something old or something new, but never the "same old," Batte is the blissful gift solution for newlyweds. Why settle for the generic place setting when friends and family can help you create your own uniquely perfect home setting for your married life ahead? Batte's Bridal Registry works like a traditional registry, but thanks to our wide selection of furnishings and accessories, and with the added bonus of our designer services, couples who register are sure to make the kind of savvy choices that will appreciate — and that they'll appreciate — through many anniversaries to come.

Ellen Haick & Elliot Royal 06/01/19

Haick, Ellen
Royal, Elliot
Family of the Bride: Alexander and Deborah Haick
Family of the Groom: Robert and Frances Royal

Anna Robinson & Patrick Oellerich 06/22/19

Robinson, Anna Frances
Oellerich, Patrick
Family of the Bride: Steve and Kay Robinson
Family of the Groom: Bill and Sherryl Oellerich

Lucia Murff & Will Marley 06/15/19

Murff, Lucia
Marley, Will
Family of the Bride: Lisa and Van White
Family of the Groom: Libby and Mark Marley

Rachel Lowe & Max Davis 06/08/19

Lowe, Rachel
Davis, Max
Family of the Bride: James and Carol Lowe
Family of the Groom: Scott and Lydia Davis

Emily Kirkland & Clark Powers 06/08/19

Kirkland, Emily Ann
Powers, Clark
Family of the Bride: Amanda and Bruce Kirkland
Family of the Groom: Jennifer and Richard Powers

Annie Peaster & Robert Montgomery 06/22/19

Peaster, Annie
Montgomery, Robert
Family of the Bride: Monica and Jamie Peaster
Family of the Groom: Allison and Jerry Montgomery

Miriam Parker & Paul Kleine-Kracht 06/01/19

Parker, Miriam
Kleine-Kracht, Paul
Family of the Bride: Clay and Colette Parker
Family of the Groom: Paul and Jean Kleine-Kracht

Currie Fletcher & John Rainey 06/01/19

Fletcher, Currie
Rainey, John Michael
Family of the Bride: Gardner and Carol Fletcher
Family of the Groom: Wade and Janie Quin

Elizabeth Adams & John Mitchell 06/15/19

Adams, Elizabeth
Mitchell, John Allan
Family of the Bride: Paul and Libby Adams
Family of the Groom: Paul and Angie Pradat

Charlotte Ogburn & David Allen 06/22/19

Ogburn, Charlotte Shepherd
Allen, David Judd
Family of the Bride: Will and Elizabeth  Ogburn
Family of the Groom: David and Carolyn Allen

Hannah Heilman & Nic Carpenter 06/01/19

Heilman, Hannah
Carpenter, Nic
Family of the Bride: Mike and Laura Heilman
Family of the Groom: Tim and Melody Carpenter

Bray Koury & Josh Aron 06/14/19

Koury, Bray
Aron, Josh
Family of the Bride: Peter and Laurie Koury
Family of the Groom: Jim Aron / Sandra Giachelli

Mary Pearson & Matthew Bernardini 06/15/19

Pearson, Mary Marie
Bernardini, Matthew
Family of the Bride: Mark and Tammy Pearson
Family of the Groom: Bill and Becky Bernardini

Olivia Spencer & Mackin Johnson 06/08/19

Spencer, Olivia
Johnson, Mackin
Family of the Bride: Betty and Larry Spencer
Family of the Groom: Judy and Charles Johnson

Sydney Stringer & Kyle Zebley 06/08/19

Stringer, Sydney
Zebley, Kyle
Family of the Bride: Lynn and Jane Stringer
Family of the Groom: Mike and Marcie Zebley

Martha Fentress & Richard Bolte 06/08/19

Fentress, Martha Quinn
Bolte, Richard
Family of the Bride: Ellen Ann Fentress
Family of the Groom: Rick and Teresa Bolte

Mary Bowen & Michael Barker 06/08/19

Bowen, Mary Elizabeth
Barker, Michael
Family of the Bride: Janie and Mark Bowen
Family of the Groom: Richard and Michelle Barker

Clare Rush & Martin Millette 06/17/19

Rush, Clare
Millette, Martin
Family of the Bride: Preston and Geri Smith
Family of the Groom: Sam and Lynne Millette