Bridal Registry

China, Crystal, Silver and Fine Gifts

Engaged? Something old or something new, but never the "same old," Batte is the blissful gift solution for newlyweds. Why settle for the generic place setting when friends and family can help you create your own uniquely perfect home setting for your married life ahead? Batte's Bridal Registry works like a traditional registry, but thanks to our wide selection of furnishings and accessories, and with the added bonus of our designer services, couples who register are sure to make the kind of savvy choices that will appreciate — and that they'll appreciate — through many anniversaries to come.

Mary Blair Johnson & Ben McCreary 05/19/18

Johnson, Mary Blair
McCreary, Ben
Family of the Bride: Mary John Johnson and Blair Johnson
Family of the Groom: Sammy and Lisa McCreary

Kelly Davidson & William Crim 05/05/18

Davidson, Kelly
Crim, William
Family of the Bride: Gregg and Kristin Davidson
Family of the Groom: William and Stacie Crim

Lauren Peach & Oscar Wolff 05/05/18

Peach, Lauren
Wolff, Oscar
Family of the Bride: Mark and Pam Peach
Family of the Groom: Bruce and Vikki Wolff

Amanda Eaton & Clinton Carraway 05/05/18

Eaton, Amanda
Carraway, Clinton
Family of the Bride: Pam Milner
Family of the Groom: Kirk and Cindy Carraway

Shellie Brown & Tyler Kemp 05/05/18

Brown, Shellie
Kemp, Tyler
Family of the Bride: Sally and Will Brown
Family of the Groom: Harry and Beverly Kemp

Julie Howell & Patrick Addison 05/26/18

Howell, Julie
Addison, Patrick
Family of the Bride: Lynne and Norris Howell
Family of the Groom: Claudia and Mac Addison

Gwenette Corbitt & Lucas Quinn 05/26/18

Corbitt, Gwenette
Quinn, Lucas
Family of the Bride: Bess and Steve Corbitt
Family of the Groom: Peggy and Granville Quinn