Three Decades of Style & Grace

Today we celebrate Mrs. Barbara Thompson and the many years she has been a part of Batte Furniture & Interiors. What an amazing thing! I can tell you that I truly can’t remember Batte Furniture before Mrs. Thompson was part of the group. The incredibly talented group that my Dad has cultivated over the years has been lovingly addressed as my Batte Furniture Family, and truly they are, with Mrs. Thompson always having been part of that group as I remember. 

Before joining our furniture family, Mrs. Thompson owned her own store for many years before closing it around 1983. Her love of family is deep and wide – she mothered five children, loves a trove of grandchildren, and has great-grands to boot.

Not only has she been part of BFC for quite some time, she has 50 total years of experience in design and quite literally hundreds of happy customers! I asked Dad what stands out about her 30 years with BFC his immediate response was how she’s a great example of putting others first and it’s a lesson from her that he’s taken to heart. When she first began at Batte “I was struck by how gracious and friendly she was to everybody,” said Dad. And she still is!

Mrs. Thompson, you’re such a wonderful part of Batte—thank you for all your years with us! Today we celebrate YOU!


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