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It’s Arrived!

Guess what we’ve been up to. Creating Mississippi Spaces that’s being delivered to many of your doorsteps! It’s filled with all kinds of insider-design information. From paint color advice, to correct side table placement, to showing you beautiful design options, we’re pretty positive you’ll find an article that hits home for your decorating desires.  

 Simply click this link to view a digital...

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Designer Highlight: Meagan Magee

In our designer post series, we help you get to know the designers and their style a bit more. Today, we’re highlighting Meagan Magee.

Meagan first discovered her love of interior design through watching her grandmother update her home often—probably more often than her grandfather would have liked. From early on she began studying and design. These interests led her to The University of Southern...

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At Batte Furniture and Interiors, we’re in the business of helping people achieve the best look for their home. From floor to ceiling, accessories small and large, anchor pieces, paint, lamps and the perfect focal point we update looks and create fab from drab. And just like interior spaces, any designed space can benefit from a bit of updating now and then—our website is no different. So in welcoming 2016, we thought it high time for a total overhaul. 

Out with the old, in with the new. 

Without further adieu,...

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Designer Highlight: Kaye Sellers

Welcome back to our Designer Highlight series! Today, we’re spotlighting Kaye Sellers who has been in the field of interior design and sales over 33 years, 14 of them at Batte Furniture & Interiors.


Kaye is experienced in both commercial and residential design creating environments that are functional and appealing. She has a great perception of scale and loves to use color to reflect the personal...

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Dear Lovers of Monograms,

We hear you. Monogramming of years past could be likened to wearing a huge hair bow as a grown up who knows better. These one, two, and three letter designs are plastered across just about anything that’ll stand still. Cups, napkins, runners, tissue boxes, towels, bathrobes, bed pillows, duvet covers, ties, cuff links, necklaces, dog beds, backs of car windows (you know you’ve seen it), and worse....

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