Bridal Registry

China, Crystal, Silver and Fine Gifts

Engaged? Something old or something new, but never the "same old," Batte is the blissful gift solution for newlyweds. Why settle for the generic place setting when friends and family can help you create your own uniquely perfect home setting for your married life ahead? Batte's Bridal Registry works like a traditional registry, but thanks to our wide selection of furnishings and accessories, and with the added bonus of our designer services, couples who register are sure to make the kind of savvy choices that will appreciate — and that they'll appreciate — through many anniversaries to come.

Hope Hutchinson & Mike Marshall 07/26/19

Hutchinson, Hope
Marshall, Mike
Family of the Bride: David and Cindy Hutchinson
Family of the Groom: N/A

Emily McBride & Wesley Youngblood 07/20/19

McBride, Emily
Youngblood, Wesley
Family of the Bride: Chuck and Mary Allen McBride
Family of the Groom: Greg and Allison Youngblood

Catherine Carty & Austin Bradshaw 07/13/19

Carty, Catherine
Bradshaw, Austin
Family of the Bride: Owen and Celeste Carty
Family of the Groom: Aaron and Beverly Bradshaw

Kate Allen & John Graves 07/27/19

Allen, Kate Rivers
Graves, John
Family of the Bride: Bill and Kathy Allen
Family of the Groom: Jack and Mari T Graves

Mary Mallette & David Huffman 07/20/19

Mallette, Mary Kate
Huffman, David
Family of the Bride: Jack Mallette / Jenny and Justin Brodnax
Family of the Groom: Laurie and Tony Huffman

Rachael Borne & Rob Franklin 07/27/19

Borne, Rachael
Franklin, Rob
Family of the Bride: Dr.and Mrs. Michael Borne / Mr.and Mrs.Paul Stephenson
Family of the Groom: Mr. and Mrs. Mark Franklin

Mary Gibson & Matthias Lind 07/13/19

Gibson, Mary Paxton
Lind, Matthias
Family of the Bride: Maribeth and Teddy Gibson
Family of the Groom: Renee and Jeff Lind

Darby Pullen & Andrew Neyland 07/13/19

Pullen, Darby
Neyland, Andrew Lloyd
Family of the Bride: Lisa and Mike Pullen
Family of the Groom: Melissa and Nash Neyland